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THE DOORS OPEN a Tribute to The Doors

Un souvenir de rébellion, une ancienne semence

qui a germé lentement à l'abri du monde...Il est encore bien là le chamanique Jim Morrison, avec sa gueule, avec sa transe...


Alors nous avons travaillé son héritage, et le contenu de ses phrases, le sens de ses textes...Et nous sommes désormais prêts à le faire à nouveau vivre sur scène...


​The movie will begins in five moments, 

the mindless voice announced.         

"All those not seated must wait for the next show."        

We filed slowly, languidly into the hall.            

The auditorium was vast and silent.                 

After we'd sat down, it grew dark, and the voice continued:

"The program for this evening isn't new. You know it through and through.

You've seen your birth and death, you might recall all of the rest.         

Did you have a good life before you died?              

Enough to base a movie on?



Riders on the storm

L.A. Woman

Roadhouse Blues

When the music's over

Light my fire

Break on Througt

Soul kitchen

Love street

Hello i love you

Five to one

Alabama song

People are strange

Peace Frog

People are strange

Love me two time

Blue Sunday

Love street


The ghost song

Strange days

The End...

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